Medical supply units
The product portfolio of MT covers the entire spectrum of medical supply systems which are being applied in today’s medical technology:

Gas supply units
Central Medical Gas Supply (ZGV) is the current technical standard in hospitals and doctors’ practices.

High purity gas systems

Welcome to MEDGAS – Technik

MEDGAS – Technik is an internationally leading manufacturer of medical-technical systems. Since more than 20 years, MT operates on a global scale and stands for:

*Customer-focused solutions
*Technically mature products according to the highest standards
*Demanding medical application technique
*Compliance with highest quality standards

At MT, quality is not limited to the highest technical manufacturer standards and controls. We focus on regular training of our employees to comply with current and ever-changing requirements and provide the best possible service for our customers.

Through various national and international certifications, MT documents a binding quality management for its customer and business partners. Certifications according EN ISO 13485:2016, EG ZERTIFIKAT to quality security system according 93/42/EWG, Attachment II excluding Paragraph (4) are therefore understood.

MT provides its customers over 20 years of experience of system manufacturing for planning and projection of medical-technical projects.

Contract manufacturing
Specific components or assembly groups for installations which are not part of standard serial production can be manufactured according specific requirements.

MT disposes of its own assembly-and service teams and works with its proper employees, anywhere in the world.

After commissioning of the installations, MT provides a sustainable service. For service and maintenance of the installed systems and installations, MT provides customized maintenance contracts.

MEDGAS-Technik provides trainings for their own employees but also offers qualified courses for external workers, service providers and technicians.